It is the first of a series of products based on the Mediterranean produce and culture developed by Mediterannean Innovative Experience


Unique, high quality ouzo, produced in Greece by re-known historical company,
mixed with natural fruit juice and sparkling water in proportions that do not alter
the ouzo characteristics but instead highlight an unexpected aspect of its taste.


10% Ouzo, Various Fruit juices and Carbonation.
The variety of tastes at the moment is
Ouzo + strawberry juice + carbonated water (main colour red)
Ouzo + orange juice + carbonated water (main colour orange)
Ouzo + lime juice + carbonated water (main colour green)

Spirituz, an RTD with 4% alcohol (alcoholic base ouzo), sparkling water and fruit juices is targeted to bars, clubs, beach bars and related businesses as well as beverage wholesalers and specialty stores.

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